My name is Dan and I am a photographer musician and creative based in Ottawa, Canada.

I’ve always been fascinated by images and the power they have – be it a story book’s illustrations, a Rembrandt painting or a movie poster.

While I’ve taken pictures since I was very young, for the past decade I have been photographing the world around me in its full, 360˚ panoramic glory.  It started all innocently enough – as a trick to photograph the landscape from the mountain peaks I had climbed – but by 2008 it had taken over and was an obsession.

Since then I have used the applied the technique to a number of huge scale projects and more intimate projects.  My inspiration is how people inhabit their geographic locations and the small unique ways that manifests itself.  But more than anything my photography is just an excuse to go and play in this big, beautiful world of ours.

While I keep busy with many different creative projects, this website is the place where I focus on my visual, photographic and cinematographic work.

I post a new project every few weeks so drop in whenever you can.

Thanks for looking and see you soon,

Dan Neutel.