About Me…

My name is Dan Neutel, I live in Ottawa, Canada. I’m an adventurer, lover of life, musician, videographer, photographer, and writer, but the biggest theme throughout my life is that I really love challenges.

I want to take on the impossible job, solve the impossible riddle or do the impossible thing…and the bigger the better. In fact, if I’m not trying to figure something out I’m typically not really very happy. So give me a video camera, a guitar, a pen or a set of Lego or a mountain to climb and I’ll do my best to make something mind blowing with it.

Thanks for dropping by and do get in touch if you want to something out and let’s see what I can offer.

danneutel (at) yahoo.com

Dan Neutel.




Travel & Adventure
Spent 10 years living/working abroad in three countries (Greece, Peru and Japan).
Have visited over 50 countries.
Bicycled across Canada…twice.
Climbed and skied Japan’s tallest mountains.
A former 10K runner and a triathlete.
Have canoed the Rideau Canal (Kingston to Ottawa) many times.

Started playing guitar at age 12.
Performed in Canada and Japan in front of thousands for the over the past 25 years.
Provided music production and compositions for soundtracks/video production.
Between 2017-20 I learnt and posted a new cover song every week on Youtube.
Used the Covid lockdown to write and record my first acoustic solo ‘album’.
Have recorded, taught and written music in many genres.

An early pioneer of 360˚ VR photography (beginning in 2007).
For ‘Rooftops’ I shot VR in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto from the tallest buildings.
A time lapse expert particularly skilled at flowers blooming.
Have recently added drones to my repertoire.
Understand story telling I have a diploma in journalism.
My works have garnered major acclaim and even national media attention.
Have worked with some of the biggest companies in Canada.
Acted in and produced a feature film while living in Tokyo.

Have taught and coached everything from boxing, to chess, to public school.
Rewrote the english language curriculum for Kamitakara’s Board of Education.
I love helping others gain a deeper understanding of their crafts.

Business Operator
I began my entrepreneurship shovelling driveways and mowing lawns as a child.
Ran a landscaping company, music school and recording studio through college.
Operated a small English teaching school in Japan.
Now run a photography and audio/video studio.

Am passionate about what I do and love meeting, working and creating with people.
Humorous and playful.
Details orientated with outstanding organizational skill.
Flexible, I adapt quickly and think on my feet.
A news junkie and always up on current events.

University of Ottawa – Music Program
Carleton University – BA History/double minor (Philosophy/Art History)
Algonquin College – Journalism Diploma