Guitar Solo


I’m back, still alive and living in the grips of a good old Canadian winter. There is a massive snowstorm raging outside my window as I write this, so I thought it was time to take down the Canada Day 2018 video (from the hottest Canada Day on record) and get something a little more current up on here.

For the past year the photography side of my life has been happening less and less and the video and music has been happening more and more. This week’s post gives more of an idea what I’ve been up to over the past 12 months – audio, video and music training.

So what’s going on?

Well simply put, everything has changed since I started this website in 2011.

It has been both a fascinating and a frustrating time to be involved in such a technologically-based industry…or maybe any industry for that matter. Websites are generally passé and Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are now the go-to places to post and share ‘content’. And that is basically how I’ve been showing my work lately too.

As for the technology, the 360˚ panoramas I used to painstakingly make with a DSLR, tripod and many hours behind a keyboard can now be done with one of many pocket-sized 360˚ cameras that are all available at any local electronics store. You just put one on a stick hold it above your head, download an app, press the shutter button and the final (nearly flawless) image can be instantly seen, fully stitched on your phone. Another touch of a button and it is shared on Facebook a moment later.

While the idea that all that is even possible simple boggles my mind, it also means that I can’t compete. So while I may still have a slightly better quality product – likely not for long either – the huge time I put in on them doesn’t make much sense anymore. You then have to try to recalibrate, set a new course and start at something new. So after some drifting around in the end of 2017, 2018 saw me focusing on many smaller projects that, while fun to do, didn’t really achieve ‘website status’.

The point of life and creating anything is the connection you make with others. That is always what engages and delights others. While certain things have change, that is what I love doing most of all and that has always been at the heart of what I do and what motivates me.

I’ll leave it at that for now and bid you farewell…but not for long,

Dan (Feb. 2019).

PS. It was actually kinda fun writing something up for you guys again